Preparing Your Home For Sale

Preparing a property for sale can feel like an overwhelming task, however, a few simple techniques can make all the difference in securing a sale. Making sure your house is presented in the best possible light could have a dramatic impact on the selling price.


Roll out the welcome mat

The outside should draw people inside. Mown lawns, neat hedging and even a new or freshly painted mailbox, can all create maximum impact without breaking the bank. Having it neat and tidy on the outside gives the impression that the property has been well maintained by its current owners.


Dress your home for the future owner

If you think the house will interest a family, add touches around the home to reflect this. This could be as simple as hanging four towels in the bathroom instead on one, and displaying four toothbrushes on the vanity and putting a soft toy on one of the beds. Even the tiniest details can indicate it’s a family home.


De-personalize, de-clutter and organise

People need to be able to visualize their belongings in their potential home. There is a fine line between comfortable homely touches and overly personal items. Clear out unnecessary items where you can, and stick to minimalistic styling. One or two photos are ok, but too much personal matter such as ribbons, medals and family photos are very personal memories. Keep your extras (clutter) in a shed during the sale process.


Let there be light! 

This is so important. Always have as much natural light as you can. If you have one room in particular where nettings are needed, then speak to your agent. Having a bright home is more important than obscuring something in most cases.


Clean, clean, clean!

When cleaning your house, don’t neglect the smaller rooms such as the bathroom. Replace the excess items (like the shampoo bottles sitting in the bottom of the shower) with clean towels and a lit candle. All of sudden, your bathroom will go from cluttered, to classic and chic. Another important area which is often neglected is windows and window sills.

Linen & Decor

Colourful linen on the beds is a clever way to brighten up a room. It doesn’t need to be extravagant to be beautiful, and the benefit is that you can take the bedding with you when you sell! New tea towels hanging from the oven and a few new cushions on the couch are also great.


Tackle the dreaded ‘to do list’

If you notice it, then a viewer may see the uncompleted tasks also. However, do ask your agent, because sometimes things may not be as important as you may think. An agent deals with viewers on a daily basis – they know the most common objections, and whether or not it is worth the money and/or effort to attend to them.

Finally – one last tip
On open-home day, brew a fresh pot of coffee (freshly baked goods wouldn’t go astray either!) which can be offered to potential buyers, or have a vanilla scented diffuser or two sitting around the house. These scents will make potential purchasers feel welcome & comfortable.